Take a look inside Ikea’s futuristic lab where researchers design algae hot dogs, virtual-reality furniture, and self-driving cafés

Ikea has a lab in Copenhagen that dreams up, researches, and designs sustainable ways to live.
Some projects they are currently developing include algae hot dogs, virtual-reality furniture, self-driving cafés, and a future-food cookbook.
Space10 was founded in 2015 and it works with specialists, experts, and creatives from around the world to create these concepts.
We visited the lab to see what it’s currently working on and what ideas it has for the future.
This is Ikea’s future lab, Space10. It’s a space in downtown Copenhagen where researchers are creating a sustainable future by changing the way we live, work, and eat.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/ikea-future-lab-space10-researching-sustainable-homes-food-2019-3

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