Tech spending will near $4 trillion this year. Here’s where all the money is going and why

  • Worldwide IT spending is projected to near $4 trillion in 2019.
  • Enterprise software is the fastest-growing area of tech investment.
  • Cybersecurity threats will lead to spending of $125 billion.
  • CNBC’s Technology Executive Council represents a wide range of industries and companies with a combined market capitalization of approximately $3 trillion, as well as technology stakeholders in the government and nonprofit sectors.

7-Eleven is undergoing what its leadership describes as a ‘full stack digital transformation,’ but the effort starts with a focus on what the consumer wants rather than what technology can deliver.

Ask Ken Goldman, president of former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s family office, Hillspire, which industry is being disrupted by technology today and his answer might surprise you.

“Construction is being totally disrupted — the entire industry,” he said.

The former chief financial officer of Yahoo, Fortinet and Siebel Systems, Goldman said companies cannot afford to make the mistake of thinking technology disruption is greatest in the tech sector itself, or limited to certain sectors of the economy.


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