The anti-Facebook: Inside Pinterest’s slow and quiet rise

Ryan Probasco, an early Pinterest employee, remembers thinking, “This is going to be the new Facebook. A billion users.” Then the company was hit by a noticeable slowdown in new users.

New York (CNN Business)The team at Pinterest was nervous.For most of its early history, the digital scrapbooking service had grown unimaginably fast. Millions flocked to it in 2011 and 2012, despite minimal coverage in the tech press. Pinterest grew so quickly that its small team of engineers raced to keep the site up and running, fixing outages on street corners, at coffee shops and, in at least one case, on a paddle boat.It was the kind of momentum that felt like destiny. “We’d come to Silicon Valley — the California Gold Rush — hoping to hit something big,” said Marty Weiner, a member of Pinterest’s founding team. “This, I felt like I’ve hit this thing. This could be the thing that lets me retire.”


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