Here’s to nattō, Japan’s original superfood

Remember when you would step out to the スーパー (sūpā, supermarket) just to pick up some 卵 (tamago, eggs), 牛乳 (gyūnyū, milk) or 砂糖 (satō, sugar)? Well, these days you’re just as likely to pick up スーパーフード (sūpāfūdo, superfoods) from the スーパー as you are your daily necessities.

The shopping lists of health-conscious consumers are likely to include products such as ココナッツオイル (kokonattsu oiru, coconut oil), チアシード (chia shīdo, chia seeds) and アサイー (asaī, acai), but health-conscious Japanese are likely to stick with one staple that has done them well for centuries: 納豆 (nattō, fermented soybeans).


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